Hi! I am Wenchang Yang. I am a Master's student studying Information Science at Cornell University.

I have worked with Workday and Cornell Design & Tech Initiative.

My other interests include traveling, film-making, isometric illustration art, and skyline photography.

You can find my resume here.


  • Feb 2018 - Present

    UX Designer

    Cornell Design and Tech Initiative

    I am currently working as a UX designer to redesign the official website of Cornell Cornell Design and Tech Initiative to make it display and interact with different users' need responsively and seamlessly. This redesign is expected to bring a growth of our website visitors by about 30%.

  • Sep 2017 - Present

    UX Designer


    Took charge of UI and UX design of Jolly, an event planning app that creates delightful off-line group meeting experience.

    Led the designer team to fix usability problems through usability testing, bringing a decrease of the average user login time by 250%.

  • Sep 2016 - Dec 2016

    UX Designer Intern

    HCI Initiative Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

    Designed UI and UX of FoodVis, an app that helps people record diet with photos taken by users.

    Organized user research and data scraping on food-related posts on Sina Weibo, the biggest open social network in China.

  • Jan 2016 - May 2016

    UX Researcher Intern

    ACME Lab Georgia Institute of Technology

    Conducted data analytics on Drawing Apprentice, an intelligent drawing agent that collaborates with user on drawing and polishing.

    Based on data analytics, I added the analytics feature to UI, which improved user engagement of DA about 45%.




Star Wars

Grand Theft Auto

City Skyline


If you want to reach out or have a question, feel free to email me wy286@cornell.edu!